Джийт Кун До и Брус ЛийJeet Kune Do in Cantonese means „The way of the intercepting fist“. This is the name which the kung fu legend Bruce Lee gave to his views about martial arts.

The name Jeet Kune Do came when The little dragon was discussing with his student Dan Inosanto his ideas about martial arts. After both of them found out that the intercepting techniques are an important part of Bruce’s philosophy, Dan Inosanto asked how the people in Hong Kong would say „The way of the intercepting fist“. May be this is the first time when Bruce Lee pronounced „Jeet Kune Do“.

Big changes in the way sifu Bruce thought kung fu began after his fight with a master named Wong Jack Man in the 60s. Wong was sent as a delegate of the Chinese community in San Francisco. They wanted to stop Bruce Lee teaching people who are not Chinese. The little dragon told them that he would teach everyone who wanted to learn. The fight was inevitable. Bruce accepted the challenge. 3 minutes were necessary for him to defeat his opponent.

Although Bruce Lee won he was not satisfied of himself. He thought that he was capable to win easier if he had used different techniques and strategy. Also he was not happy of the level of his physical condition.

In the following years sifu Bruce put stress on learning new techniques for defense and attack in all ranges (far, middle, close and on the ground). He incredibly improved his phisycal condition which is obvious in his films at that time. Till the end of his life everyday he continued to work on improvement of his martial arts skills. When Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong he asked Ip Man to learn more from his Wing Chun. Actually this didn’t happen. But yet Bruce exchanged opinions about martial arts with master Wong Shun Leung, one of the best and most famous students of Ip Man.

The signature of every person is different. Jeet Kune Do is also unique for every person.

Брус Лий Джиит Кун До подписAs the signature of every person is unique in the same way Jeet Kune Do is unique for every person. Yes, every person has two arms and two legs. At the same time people have different height, weight, speed, flexibility, mentality, etc. That’s why you can not say that some techniques will be suitable for every person. It is important for everyone who practice Jeet Kune do to find all techniques and means which he or she needs to express his/herself totally, honestly and complitely.